Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Kinark Outdoor Centre located?

The Kinark Outdoor Centre is located 14 km north of Minden, ON., and approximately 65km east of Hwy 11 and Bracebridge, ON. The KOC is 3km from a major highway along a well maintained back road. The nearest hospital is in Minden, 20 minutes away.

Where do participants eat?

Participants eat in our dining hall.  While families eat around a table together (family style seating), our dining hall can accommodate up to 130 people in one seating.  We have two separate eating areas; one for larger groups and one for groups of 40 or less.

What types of food are offered?

The Kinark Outdoor Center serves food that is group and child friendly while also being aware of common dietary restrictions. While we are gluten aware and frequently serve a GFCF diet for kids on the autism spectrum, our attention to groups, commonly 60-80 people large, makes custom meals impossible to manage. A basic salad bar, warm food, with a variety of options is available at each seating.

Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

We can accommodate special dietary needs.  We will need to know in advance so that we can have the proper food on hand.  Please contact us if you have any special dietary needs or restrictions. Common alternatives are offered for GFCF diets, vegetarianism, Halal groups, and wheat allergies. If you have medically dangerous allergies please let us know before your arrival; we will work with you to ensure that appropriate storage and prep is arranged for food you bring, or that you are satisfied with the alternatives that we can provide for you.

Are there medical facilities near by?

Yes.  The Kinark Outdoor Centre is located 14km from the Minden Hospital.  By car you can reach the hospital in 20 minutes.

Where do the participants sleep?

Most participants sleep in Lakeview cabin area. Families have a cabin to themselves.  A renovation in winter 2019 (completion in 2020) will see the cabins opened up and an addition of a shower to each cabin. Currently most cabins sleep up to 5 people, are climate controlled, and have 2 or 3-piece washrooms. Sleeping bags and pillows are not provided but if requested can be available.

Can my child bring a cell phone?

We ask that parents NOT pack cell phones and other electronic devices. Cell phones distract from the group setting and natural environment. Electronic devices can also get lost in a communal setting because of the close proximity of quarters. We cannot be responsible for these devices, nor should your child’s peers be responsible for them. Please leave electronics at home. If there is an anticipated need to be in touch with home there are phones available: let us know and we will make arrangements.

If the event that an electronic device is used as a developmental support (ie. Speech application or other, behavioural redirection) please communicate this with our coordinator and what we should expect as typical use.

Is there a camp store?

We do have t-shirts, hats, bags, and key chains available for re-sale in the Nature Classroom. We have a small supply of personal hygiene products for those who forget something important at home – just ask and no charge! And there is a convenience store 5 minutes towards the nearest town in Carnarvon.

Can I make a cabin request?

Yes, please let us know which cabins would best suit the needs of your group. This is a part of the planning process with your coordinator.  You should expect to share a room with one to four of your own group peers. Family groups always have the private use of a cabin section to themselves.

When there are other groups on site and in your cabin area, you will know this in advance. You will NOT share individual cabins with other groups! This is a typical occurrence during busy periods (summer).

What if I need to cancel my trip?

Please be familiar with our cancellation policy outlined in the booking contract.There is a non-refundable deposit. We reserve the right to cancel a session date if participation numbers are too low (we anticipate at least 12 participants per group with a minimum charge).

Who delivers your camp programs?

We pride ourselves in our instructors, outdoor educators, and recreational respite workers at the Kinark Outdoor Centre.  Our staff are professionals in their field and participate in a lengthy training process in which they earn certifications in high ropes facilitation and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention or Safe Management. Staff are experienced in the delivery of all outdoor activities for recreational purposes. Staff also participate in extensive training related to working with special populations and specifically in autism services.

Our Instructors are all certified in CPR-C and Emergency First Aid, and must present a satisfactory Criminal Background Check before working with campers.

What do I need to bring?

Please see the following