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KOC Team

There is a team of dedicated staff who work throughout the year to promote and support the Kinark Outdoor Centre (KOC) and all camp visitors. Our year-round team has worked to support families and youth in recreation for many years. Our team loves the outdoors and are experienced parents and child care workers.

Camp Director and Business Manager

Jane Isbister, MBA, BSC, ORC

Jane began her role as Camp Director at the KOC in 2015, but her passion for camping and sharing the values of community and building self-worth through outdoor skill development began as a camper in the 1980’s. As a parent to a child with significant disabilities, Jane appreciates sharing time with families who have common parenting experiences. There are lots of comforts in coming together with families who have similar shared experiences. She loves watching parents connect, share resources, and guide one another through their time at the KOC, and offering direction/support once back at home.

Program Manager

Ryan Mortell, CYW

Ryan Mortell first visited the KOC as a participant in 2009 during a student placement while finishing his Child and Youth Worker Diploma. He enjoyed the staff, programs and the natural environment so much that he was excited to learn that the KOC was looking for summer staff. As an Outdoor Educator, he quickly fell in love with the supportive programming available to kids and families and the variety of groups that attend the KOC. Ryan has been a member of the KOC team since 2009 and has worked in a variety of roles, including his current position of Program Manager. When Ryan is not working, you can usually find him playing guitar, in the garden, reading books or out on a trail.

Program Supervisor

Leslie MacLachlan

Leslie has held various roles at the KOC since 2014. As the Program Supervisor, Leslie enjoys making meaningful connections with families before and during their time visiting the KOC. She is passionate about the outdoors and is inspired to share opportunities for exploration in nature with children and youth. With diplomas in Recreation Therapy, Ecotourism, and Recreation and Leisure Studies, Leslie is excited to share her knowledge and experience with the Kinark Outdoor Centre team and clients. Outside of work, she enjoys being with her family, nature, photography and making maple syrup!


Pat Lynch

Pat has worked at the KOC for over 25 years, so it is completely surprising to many that Pat rarely spends time in a canoe or on a pontoon boat. She is a dedicated sister, mother and grandmother, and when asked why she works at the KOC, she is quick to say that she loves kids, and it shows! Pat is the voice you hear when you call the KOC and she supports registration for families and coordinators.

Outdoor Educators and Facilitators

The KOC prides itself on the depth and talent of our staff. Our reputation, program diversity, and philosophy have enabled us to attract a group of highly-skilled and caring front-line outdoor educators and behind-the-scenes program support staff. The KOC is dedicated to creating an inspiring and positive experience for families and campers by providing consistent support and thorough training throughout the season.

Kitchen and Maintenance Team

The Kitchen team (Steve Stevens, Roseann Upton, and Mackie Campbell) prepares dishes for the whole family. Catering to unique diets and picky eaters is their specialty! The maintenance team (Mike Anderson, Shane Sisson, Donalda Smith, and Lois Dunlop) keeps our buildings, cabins and landscaping in tiptop shape for families and staff.