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Autism Families and Testimonials

Family Time

“We had forgotten how to have fun as a family”

We have space for approximately 330 families in our core autism respite programs each year. All families are different and are made up of different types of people… and at the KOC they all share a common story related to a child’s autism diagnosis. Many of our visiting families have experienced some fear and some grief as they start on their treatment journey. Our hope is to bring families together in a non-judgmental and supported environment.

The families who attend a program at the KOC understand that the facility is a camp, and not a resort; that trying new things and new food pays off with new skills and new memories; that meeting other families like your own can be empowering.

Not all families are ready for respite. And this type of immersive family respite is not for every family. The program coordinators at the camp will help to teach you about the program opportunities at the camp and help you decide if this is the right place at the right time.


What Parents are Saying


“I would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone with a special needs child. My kids have lifelong memories to go home with and my husband and I are headed home feeling relaxed and refreshed.
The staff at this camp are highly recommended. There is only the best here. I felt relaxed when the kids were with the staff because I knew that they were always safe”.

“I cried when we were leaving because my family has never been more happy. The staff is incredible and it was so nice to be in a place surrounded by people who wouldn’t judge my son. Who understood and could relate to him. We can never thank you all enough for the wonderful gift of a break that you have given to my family.”

“We feel truly blessed to attend such a place, the staff were absolutely amazing, to see your special needs child get to shoot a real bow and arrow, or walk the static lines 20 feet above ground is breath taking.”

KOC A Mother’s Letter