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Camp at Home

The Camp at Home program series maintains our core values at the KOC as well as maintains the integrity of our primary program objectives. Programs will focus on strengthening family bonds through new and or shared experiences, providing a sense of belonging, and getting a break from routine.

When a family registers for one of three main programs from the Camp at Home menu they will additionally receive exclusive access to two Accessory programs below. These include weekly, facilitated, large group family games taking place a minimum of three nights a week. The second accessory program is access to regular parent activities. This access is through the entire season at no additional cost.

There are three primary programs in the Camp at Home stream:

  • The Youth program is a four-week program designed to support kids to try new activities and to belong and socialize in a small group.
  • The Family Camp in a Box program will provide well-resourced instructions, materials, and pre-recorded activity demos to follow along via our social media pages.
  • The virtual respite is offered and purchased on an as needed basis.

And, to give you a hint of what’s to come, the KOC is going to kick off the season with a trial program! The details about each program, including the trial experience, are outlined below.

The KOC welcomes you to our first ever set of Camp at Home programs! These are trial programs designed in part to provide a bit of a teaser of what will be offered this spring and summer, and hopefully into next school year too. All programs are suitable for all ages. We hope to learn a lot from you through this offering and we can’t wait to see you and get started!

There are two trial programs to choose from:

  • Friday, April 9 to Sunday April 11; and
  • Wednesday, April 14 to Friday, April 16.

Structured activities will be provided and facilitated throughout the program. Independent programs will be provided for you to do alone as a family in your own time.

The goal is to provide families with a break from routine, to support families to try something new, to provide social connections between families, and to get families outside together. We hear so often from families that they had forgotten how to have fun; and we think we can provide some support to achieve that – even from here, when you are there.

Each program will have 10 participating families of all ages. Your registration in the program will provide you with structured programming from KOC staff and an activity book with instructions for a series of activities that you can do with materials from around your house. We’ll tell you what you need; all the planning is done for you, so you can just get started.

Last, you’ll get access to virtual programming throughout the week. The list of activities below provides a description of the facilitated program options that will be available through the week.

Registration is through our registration portal. Cost for the Trial programs are by donation to the KOC – donate what you think is appropriate, and what makes sense for your family too.


Family Games 1.5 hours Join us for family-oriented ice breakers and small virtual games to play with the whole family! Bond with your family while also getting to know other families and our Outdoor Educators.
Mindful Yoga 30 mins Need a little more relaxation in your life? Interested in learning about that mindfulness thing that everyone is talking about? Join our Mindful Yoga program with our certified Gentle Fit Yoga Instructor for an easy-to-do beginner class into relaxation and yoga!
Beaver Program 1.5 hours Did you know that beavers have a set of clear eyelids that act as googles so they can see underwater while they swim? Learn about this fact and many more in our Beaver Program! You may even see an Outdoor Educator try to impersonate one!
BINGO 1.5 hours B-I-N-G-O… and BINGO was his name-oh! Time for a round of classic BINGO! After registration we will email you a BINGO card so you can play along with us!
Parent Social 45 mins No kids allowed! Enjoy this time to connect and relax with other parents while partaking in a few light conversation based activities.
Youth Club 1.5 hours Time for Youth Club! Come for games, jokes, and an overall fun time. A great way to socialize with peers and maybe learn something new!
Family Trivia 1.5 hours Adults, do you miss being able to go out to live trivia nights? Now you can test your whole family’s knowledge in all things trivia. Nature, Disney, animals, geography, you name it!
All Camp Farewell 30 mins Time to tally up the points, bid your adieus, and say farewell! This marks the end of our Camp at Home Pilot Weekend!


The Family Camp in a Box program is intended to provide families with the supplies and instructions to participate, as a family, in a fully resourced set of activities. This program is very well resourced, and access to pre-recorded video support will be available, but it is essentially self-serve. Our hope is that you do it as a family, but this might also be an excellent resource for a respite worker spending time with your family at home. As a bonus you will have access to weekly online programming; we simply ask that you register in advance so we can plan for accurate participation.

Our goals with this program are to provide families an easy and stress free way to participate in facilitated programming throughout the spring and summer; to provide social connection between families; to provide moments of respite from everyday life for the entire family and to bring the camp experience home to families. We miss hosting you on site and we think this is a good alternative!

Upon registration you will receive the program manual for families showing them how and when to use all of their camp box supplies. A schedule of additional weekly program offering, free activity/box coupons to give to other families, supplies for specific activities like Minute to Win It, Tie Dye, cooking supplies, and you bet there will be smores kit too!

To learn more, email When registration is open, this page will be updated and we will send a notification through email; sign up here.

Using different activity and participant interest, the Youth Program focuses on social skill development. Participants will engage in a series of new activities and get to focus at different times on activities with which they have specific interest.  Staff facilitators will approach opportunities for social skill development using the PEERS curriculum.

This is a summer program with small group activities offered on a routine basis. Start-up is on a monthly basis and the program lasts for four weeks.

To learn more, email When registration is open, this page will be updated and we will send a notification through email; sign up here.

The Camp at Home respite program is unlike respite we ever thought we would offer. Lots of youth are connecting with those outside of their family and school by phone and online. Through this program we will schedule time for a KOC mentor and youth to connect on a routine basis. We anticipate that through one-on-one connection children and youth will experience developmental relationships through supportive, shared, and challenging elements to their participation in online activities and conversations. And we’ll ensure that your youth knows how much they are valued and matter to their mentor. And while we require you to be present in the household and available if needed, this opportunity is one in which you can rest assured your child is engaged in a productive online relationship.

To learn more, email When registration is open, this page will be updated and we will send a notification through email; sign up here.

Parent Social Club

The parent social club will offer the opportunity for casual conversation among parents, facilitated on different themes, with different activities on a regular basis. Parents can register for specific Parent Social club activities, and you don’t need to attend ones that you are not interested in! Meditation, Opportunities to connect with Autism Ontario representatives, games night, and more formal networking for parents new to an autism diagnosis will be available. A schedule of events will help you decide what to sign up for.  

Weekly Group Activities

The weekly Camp At Home family activities are facilitated live by our very own Outdoor Educator Staff Team. Each of these will be offered free of charge with the purchase of any Family Camp In-a-Box, Virtual Respite or Youth Program. Upon Registration you will be provided with a link that allows you to access the following types of activities on a weekly basis:

BINGO 1.5 – 2hrs The Kinark Outdoor Centre will be hosting a weekly bingo night suitable for all ages! Prior to each program, a member of our coordinator team will provide families with a link to print off their own BINGO cards.
Trivia 1.5 – 2hrs Compete in a battle of the wits together as a family or fly solo. The KOC has compiled a massive list of questions ranging from Pop Culture to Outer Space. Some questions even contain audio and video bytes.
Virtual Enviro Stock Ticker 1.5 – 2hrs We have brought a KOC Family Camp favourite game into cyber space! Buy and sell stocks like Wall St. tycoons to gain as much money as possible. The family with the largest net worth at the end of the game wins it all!