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Camp at Home

The Camp at Home program series maintains our core values at the KOC as well as maintains the integrity of our primary program objectives. Programs will focus on strengthening family bonds through new or shared experiences, providing an increased sense of belonging, and getting a break from routine.  

There are four primary program streams currently offered in the Camp at Home series: 

  • Camp in a Box 
  • Online Respite
  • Family Programming
  • Youth Programming

The details about each program are outlined below. 

The Camp in a Box program provides families with instructions and necessary supplies needed to participate in a variety of unique activities. The box is shipped directly to your home via Canada Post. Once the box arrives, you may participate in the activities at any time and in any way you wish! Our hope is that you do it as a family, but the box would also be an excellent resource for a respite worker spending time with your family at home.

Our goal with this program is to provide families with an easy and stress free way to participate in camp programming throughout the spring and summer, to strengthen family bonds, to provide moments of respite from everyday life for the entire family and to bring the camp experience home to families. We miss hosting you on site and we think this is a good alternative!

Shortly after registration, a member of our coordination team will provide an information package via email containing important information about your box.

Cost: $50 per box (includes shipping)

To learn more, email Scott Dressel at 


The Camp at Home Online Respite program is unlike respite we ever thought we would offer. Lots of youth are connecting with those outside of their family and school by phone and online. Through this program, we schedule time for a KOC mentor and youth to connect on a routine basis. We anticipate that through one-on-one connection, children and youth will experience developmental relationships through supportive, shared and challenging elements to their participation in online activities and conversations. We will ensure that your youth knows how much they are valued and matter to their mentor. While we require you to be present in the household and available if needed, this opportunity is one in which you can rest assured your child is engaged in a productive online relationship.

Cost: $20 per hour

To learn more, email

  • Wake Up With KOC – Free (Sessions begin July 7th)
    • Throughout the Wake Up With KOC program, campers are facilitated through a variety of calm, low energy activities first thing in the morning. These will range from children’s yoga to storytelling and everything in between.
  • Outdoor Education at Home – Free (Sessions begin July 7th)
    • Outdoor Education at Home is meant to provide interactive teachings and activities that we would offer right here at the KOC, but from the comfort and safety of your own home. Campers will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of outdoor educational topics ranging from survival skills to biodiversity.
  • Game Night – Free
    • These weekly Camp At Home Game Nights are facilitated live by our very own Outdoor Educator Staff Team.
  • Family Camp at Home – $30 per family
    • The Family Camp at Home Program provides a weekend (3 days) of live facilitated events with an accessory Activity Booklet full of games and activities to do with your family whenever you choose.

To learn more, email

  • After School Youth Group and Teen Hangout – Free (Available until June 23rd)
    • The After School Youth Group (all ages) and Teen Hangout (14+) programs provide live facilitated activities for small groups of youth and teens. Sessions are not successive.
  • Summer Camp at Home – $85 per camper (Sessions begin July 6th)
    • Our Summer Camp at Home programs provide live facilitated activities for small groups of youth and teens over four weekly sessions or a single five-day session. Summer Camp at Home is also split into all ages and 14+ groups.
  • Dungeons and Dragons – $275 per camper (Sessions begin July 5th)
    • Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop role playing game facilitated by our very own Game Masters. In this game, youth will explore an imagined environment with peers, while taking on quests, and working as a team to solve mysteries, problems, and occasionally, conflict. Our games seek to offer social time and social skills practice, as well as an outlet for youth to explore themselves a little more. Come join us for an epic adventure through the summer!

To learn more, email