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New KOC Registration System: CampBrain

We’re launching a new registration system for families to use to register for our programs. The benefit of having this new system is that once you fill out your family information, the system will store it and you will be able to access and update your information at any time. Your personal information is only shared with camp staff who help to develop your program and/or book your stay.

In 2019, you be able to will log in, confirm your family or child’s information, and sign up for your desired programs. If you are attending a fee-for-service program, such as Family Camp, you will also be able to pay your deposit and program fees online using the new system.

It takes 10 minutes to complete your registration, including creating your login. If you have questions about how to navigate the new registration system, or about registering, please contact our Autism Program Supervisor, Leslie MacLachlan for support.

Program Registration for Families

To register for our Autism Programs or Parent Training and Respite Program, please click the button below which will take you to our CampBrain registration system.

Program Registration for Community and School Groups

If you are interested in bringing a community or school group to the Kinark Outdoor Centre, please email our Program Manager or call the office! We will guide you through the process and decision-making points.