Autism Services

On May 18, 2017, Minister Coteau announced that Ontario is giving families of children with autism more options for their children’s service by offering a new, permanent direct funding option, which will be implemented by the end of this year. To read the press release on the Ministry’s website: click here.

For more information on the MCYS changes to the Ontario Autism Program, please visit the following link: click here.

Central East Autism Program

The Central East Autism Program (CEAP) provides Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) to children who have been diagnosed as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and who meet the criteria for program eligibility under the Ministry of Children and Youth Services’ (MCYS) guidelines.

Program Guidelines for Autism Intervention Program:
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Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI)

Kinark provides IBI, an evidence-based treatment used to improve the learning rate for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Depending on individual clinical needs, IBI may be conducted one-to-one or in small groups. Skills taught during IBI are up to the level of the Kindergarten curriculum.

Key characteristics of IBI include:

  • intensity in both the number of hours and the pace of instruction;
  • systematic teaching methods based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA);
  • clearly defined goals and strategies tailored to an individual child’s particular needs and
  • ongoing monitoring and direct evaluation of a child’s progress to ensure rapid acquisition of skills.

Who is eligible?

In accordance with the MCYS’s guidelines, a child who is diagnosed as having autism towards the severe end of the spectrum is deemed eligible for service through CEAP. The Central East Autism Program confirms eligibility through an initial screening. Once confirmed, further information is gathered to determine if IBI is suitable for the child, which is based on how likely the child is to benefit from IBI or whether alternative services would be more appropriate.

How to access services:

Families living in the following areas of Central and East Region of Ontario are eligible to apply:

  • York Region;
  • Simcoe County;
  • Durham Region and
  • Four Counties (Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Northumberland).

Families who have a child or children with a confirmed diagnosis of Autism should make an initial referral by contacting Kinark’s Central Intake Line at 1-888-454-6275. Once the referral is received by the program, families will be contacted and advised of next steps.

Services are collaboratively provided by a group of community agencies in the Central and East Regions: Mackenzie Health, Lakeridge Community Support Services and Tri-County Community Support Services.

School Support Program – Autism Spectrum Disorder (SSP-ASD)

Connections for Students

Through the Connections for Students service, Kinark’s SSP – ASD program supports children with an autism spectrum disorder and their families as they transition from IBI into publicly funded, full-time school. As a member of the child’s school-based transition team, a Kinark ASD Consultant provides training and consultation to school board personnel in order to support the child as they transition from IBI into school.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) – based Services and Supports

There are 13 Regional ABA-based Lead Agencies in Ontario.

While Kinark does not provide ABA services, we do work collaboratively with our partners to manage the waitlist for ABA-based services for community agencies that provide services in the Central and East Regions.

For information about eligibility and available services and supports, visit the Government of Ontario’s ABA-based Services and Supports section of their website.

How to access services in the Central and East Regions:

To refer your child for ABA services, call the ABA intake telephone number in your area:

For services in additional regions, contact an ABA-based Lead Agency in your region.

Independent Review Mechanism for the Autism Intervention Program Coordinated by Contact Niagara

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services has developed an Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) for the Autism Intervention Program (AIP). When you receive written notification that your child is ineligible for, or is being discharged from the AIP, you may request an independent review of that decision.

The IRM is coordinated by Contact Niagara, a non-profit agency funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

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