Kinark Child and Family Services Closes Childcare Programs in Georgina, Ontario

GEORGINA, ON, June 25, 2020 – After more than 25 years of providing childcare in Georgina, Kinark has made the very difficult decision to close all our childcare programs. Kinark’s main focus is providing services that support children and youth with complex needs to achieve better life outcomes. We do this through our primary programs of child and youth mental health, autism, forensic mental health, youth justice and therapeutic respite. The decision to close our childcare programs allows us to dedicate our focus to those areas.

As a result of the pandemic, in March all childcare programs across the province were required to close. Now that provincial childcare services are permitted to re-open, Kinark had to assess if we could manage the important and necessary precautions that are required to re-open childcare sites as they will be very onerous to ensure everyone is protected and we may not be able to dedicate the required focus to re-opening childcare or remain financially viable.

This pandemic has been a challenging and difficult time for many people and families. We know that our decision may make this time even more challenging for families who have trusted us to care for their children and for the hard-working staff in our childcare program, many of whom have worked with us for years.

We know this may be disappointing for our families who may have been planning to return to our programs and it may create worry about where they will go for childcare. We are supporting our families to find new providers in the community. For information about childcare in York Region, please visit the York Region website site at https://www.york.ca/wps/portal/yorkhome/support/yr/childrensservices/

We understand from the York Region District School Board that they are committed to finding another childcare provider and we plan to work closely with them to assist in finding potential new providers of childcare in this community to continue the care to children in Georgina.

We thank families for allowing us to be part of their family’s journey and thank our staff for their dedicated service and caring.

About Kinark Child and Family Services

Kinark is a leading provider of services and supports for children and youth with complex needs and their families. Serving approximately 10,000 children, youth and families throughout Ontario annually, services are provided in the areas of Child and Youth Mental Health, Autism and Forensic Mental Health/Youth Justice. Kinark is Lead Agency for Child and Youth Mental Health in York, Durham and Haliburton/City of Kawartha/Peterborough area.

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