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The Kinark Foundation offers hope and help by raising funds and awareness to support the mission of Kinark – helping children and youth with complex needs achieve better life outcomes. As a Foundation dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of children and youth in Ontario, we know that families can achieve more when we work together. Kinark has the expertise and leadership to help change the lives of children and youth in need.

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Donor support ensures continued access for families to Kinark programs and services, as well as:

  • research and pilot projects;
  • collaborative community-based projects; and
  • capital and infrastructure (e.g. equipment, building projects).

Projects supported by the Kinark Foundation:

  • enhance child development and promote the mental health of children and youth;
  • positively impact families;
  • encourage innovation, research and the use of evidence-based practice;
  • create awareness and understanding of children’s mental health issues, autism spectrum disorder; and
  • build organizational and community capacity to respond to the needs of children and youth with complex needs and their families.


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Kinark Foundation
7271 Warden Ave
Markham, ON L3R 5X5

Tel: 905-474-9595
Toll-Free: 1-800-230-8533
Fax: 905-474-1448

Foundation Board of Directors

Tom Schmidt, Chair
Sheree Wong, Secretary/Treasurer
Teresa Anton, Member
AJ Balasingham, Member
Marcia Benjamin, Member
Donna Kingelin, Member
David Thomas, Member
Karolina Urban, Member