Family Engagement

Kinark believes that the most effective services are those that are provided in a responsive and respectful manner and in a partnership with families.

As part of that commitment, Kinark invites families, caregivers and youth to work with us to identify and shape how we meet the needs of children and youth with complex needs and their families.

Family Advisory Committee

The Kinark Family Advisory Committee was established so that families have an opportunity to give feedback on the programs we offer and help Kinark better communicate with families in our community-based child and youth mental health (CYMH) and autism services work.

The Committee is made up of family members with lived experience caring for a child and/or youth with mental health issues and/or autism.

Committee Members

Kerri Thompson – Co-Chair
Vicki Davis – Co-Chair
Rita Cirignano
Tanya Stack
Bonnie Whitnall
Cenza Cacciotti
Charlene Wagar
Shona Casola
Teresa Scheckel


If you are interested in joining Kinark’s Family Advisory Committee, please email

Youth Resource Hub

Kinark involves young people as partners in their own care. This includes developing treatment plans with the child or youth and the family as a whole. The agency has been working with the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health to advance our youth engagement practices.

We have been working with youth in the community to find out what type of mental health information they would like to access online. The information was used to develop a new resource hub to provide a central online location where young people can access information about various mental health issues and available supports.

Questions or ideas can be sent to