Kinark Leadership Team

Scott Bark, Program Director, Autism Services
Alvin Cheng, Vice President, Strategy
Robert Duda, Director, Finance
Dr. Alex Elkader, Senior Director, Planning and Research
James (Jim) McNamee, Director, Forensic Programs and Services
Jane Isbister, Camp Director, Kinark Outdoor Centre
Dr. Laurel Johnson, Clinical Director, Child and Youth Mental Health and Chief, Psychology
Eva Liu, Director, Human Resources
Cathy Paul, President and Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Michelle Sala, Clinical Director, Autism Services
Teresa Scheckel, Program Director, Strategic Initiatives
Joanne Jones, Director, Nursing Development
Mohamed Shafeek, Chief Administrative Officer
Larry Shaw, Director, Programs and Operational Support
Shona Casola, Director, Child and Youth Mental Health
Shafqat Suri, Director, Information Technology
Cynthia Weaver, Chief Operating Officer