Kinark Leadership Team


Jenny Barretto, Director, Policy & Planning
Robert Blewett, Director, Human Resources
Robert Burkholder, Chief Operations Officer
Frances Donovan, Program Director, Autism Services
Dr. Alex Elkader, Director of Research and Outcome Measurement
Dr. Rod Evans, Senior Clinical Advisor, Forensic Services and Chief, Psychiatry
Dr. Janelle Hawes, Clinical Director (I), Forensic Services, Syl Apps Youth Centre
Jane Isbister, Camp Director, Kinark Outdoor Centre
Dr. Laurel Johnson, Clinical Director, Child and Youth Mental Health and Chief, Psychology
Dr. Vicki Mowat, Senior Director, Planning and Research
Cathy Paul, President and Chief Executive Officer
Mila Cumpa, Executive Assistant/Board Liaison
Karim Ramji, Chief Information Officer
Dr. Michelle Sala, Clinical Director (I), Autism Services
Teresa Scheckel, Program Director, Child and Youth Mental Health (East)
Gordina Schellenberg, Chief, Nursing
Mohamed Shafeek, Chief Administrative Officer
Christine Simmons-Physick, Program Director, Child and Youth Mental Health (Central)
Joanne Stolte, Director, Finance
Gerry Watson, Program Director, Forensic Services
Cynthia Weaver, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives