Your Privacy

At Kinark Child and Family Services, we are committed to meeting the highest standard of ethics with respect to the collection, use, security and disclosure of personal information with clients, staff, consultants, volunteers, donors and business associates. We are committed to meeting or exceeding the privacy standards established by relevant legislation, including Ontario’s Personal Health Information Act (PHIPA).

We review policies and procedures on an ongoing basis and may amend these from time to time. If such amendments significantly alter how we use, maintain or disclose previously collected personal information, we will inform those affected and obtain consent where required.

Accuracy of Personal Information

Kinark uses advanced technology and well-defined practices to ensure personal information is processed promptly, accurately, and completely. We depend on you to advise us of any changes to your personal information and we will promptly correct any information that is found to be incorrect or incomplete.

The Information We Collect / Security

The Information We Collect

The type of personal information we collect may vary depending upon the individuals involved and the nature of their relationships with Kinark.

For clients (children, youth and families), we collect personal and health information that may include name, address, date of birth, health card information, and personal/family information related to assessment, counselling and treatment.

For staff, volunteers and consultants, we collect personal information that may include name, address, SIN, proof of professional education/registration, and criminal record check information.

Safeguards and Security

All agents of Kinark, including staff, volunteers, Directors and accreditors are bound by an oath of confidentiality with respect to personal information obtained in the course of their work with the Agency. This oath is taken upon commencement of their involvement and continues in effect indefinitely upon their departure. Personal information may be stored in paper or electronic files. All information is protected by physical and electronic security measures appropriate to the nature of the information, and is accessible only by authorized personnel.

How We Use Your Information

The use of information may vary depending upon the individuals involved and the nature of their relationships with us. For example:

For clients, personal information may be used:

  • To provide assessment, counseling and treatment services
  • For quality assurance purposes, including feedback on how effective and helpful our services have been, to allow us to improve our services
  • To comply with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • To contact individuals regarding upcoming events, activities, and programs that may be of interest
  • For fundraising purposes

Aggregate or anonymous information that will not be linked to identified individuals may be used for research and program evaluation purposes, and for education and professional development of our staff. In the case of specific research initiatives requiring direct client participation, we are governed by specific research policies and will obtain specific informed consent where required.

For donors, personal information may be used:

  • To issue charitable tax receipts and acknowledge donations
  • To share information regarding upcoming events, activities, and programs that may be of interest
  • For future fundraising purposes
  • How We Share the Information

Unless otherwise required by law, Kinark does not share personal information with third parties without specific consent.


We do not share personal information with anyone outside of Kinark Child and Family Services and our agents (e.g. consultants, legal counsel, accreditors) without specific consent. We share information with other professionals, hospitals, agencies and schools who are involved in the care, education and treatment of clients only when the client (age 16 and over) or parent/authorized caregiver (for child or youth under age 16) provides consent for us to do so. The only exceptions are legally necessary disclosures ordered by a subpoena or required to notify authorities in situations of suspected abuse, neglect, or imminent harm.


We do not release personnel-related information without the consent of the employee except to agents of the organization (e.g. payroll services, group insurance provider) as required in the course of conducting regular business practices.


We do not sell our donor or volunteer lists and we do not release information on our donors/volunteers without their consent.

Retention and Access to Your Information

Retention of Personal Information

We keep personal information in active files or systems only as long as needed to meet the purposes for which it was collected, as required by law, specific Agency policy or, where applicable, for the appropriate statute of limitations period. Client and personnel records are maintained in secure storage indefinitely.

Access to Personal Information

Individuals have the right to access their personal information and to verify or correct the information if it is shown to be inaccurate. Specific policies exist within Kinark with respect to access and disclosure of personal information. Individuals may request access to their information and/or information related to its use, retention and disclosure at any time by contacting Kinark at 905-474-9595 ext. 1397 or

For more information on Kinark Child and Family Services and privacy please contact:

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