About Kinark Child and Family Services

Our vision: A healthy future for Ontario’s children and youth.
Kinark is committed to helping children and youth with complex needs achieve better life outcomes.

Although Kinark has been providing children’s mental health services for decades, we only became known as Kinark Child and Family Services in 1983.

In 2000, Kinark’s services expanded when we began operating Syl Apps Youth Centre and began providing interventions for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Today, Kinark has over 800 employees and more than 160 volunteers, including its Board of Directors. Kinark serves more than 9,900 children and youth each year in our three program streams: Community-Based Child and Youth Mental Health, Autism and Forensic Mental Health/Youth Justice Services.

Core Values

Hold children, youth, and families at the centre of all we do
Challenge ourselves to learn and grow
Achieve more together
Instill hope

BOD Business Meeting

Agency Governance

Kinark’s Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer members elected to act as representatives of the agency.

The Board effectively guides the agency in its achievement of our Strategic Plan and oversees the ‘best practices’ operation of the agency in terms of client services, quality, financial, legal, people and culture, planning, parent and youth engagement, information technology, government and public relations.


Kinark Leadership Team

Kinark’s Leadership Team provides leadership in order to achieve the effective implementation of the Strategic Plan in Kinark’s various service streams in addition to any major initiatives.

Kinark’s Leadership Team provides critical analysis of issues and topics, relevant to agency planning and decision making and shares cross-functional information while building consensus for key operational decisions.


Annual Reports

Kinark’s annual reports are published in June of each year and are available for online viewing or downloading.

Our consolidated audited financial statements are also available in our annual reports.