Family Education Series

Parents, caregivers, and other family members play an integral role in caring for children and youth experiencing mental health challenges. Created with our Family Advisory Committee and with feedback from the families we serve, Kinark’s free Family Education Series is intended to build on caregivers’ ability to identify, understand, and respond to childhood and adolescent mental health distress.

Pandemic Resources for Children, Youth, and Families

A pandemic can be a very stressful time for youth, families and communities.  It is a time when people may respond with an increased sense of stress and anxiety. This is the time to reach out, stay connected, lean on one another, and seek support.

Kinark has compiled a list of resources to help our clients, families, and communities, which can be accessed by clicking the button below.

SNAP Resource

Navigating the Middle Years with Self Control: Interactive Guide for parents/caregivers and those working with children and youth.

The guide was developed in partnership with the Child Development Institute and highlights the importance of the middle years (6-12), self-control and red flags. It provides parents and caregivers with tips they can use to support their children and deal with problem behaviours within the home using methods from the award-winning SNAP (Stop Now and Plan) program. The guide also contains useful links to services and community resources offered in York and Durham Regions, and Simcoe and Peterborough Counties, including the SNAP program.

Parents/caregivers can refer their child or youth to the SNAP program by calling Central Intake: 1-888-454-6275.

Community Partners

Risk Management Framework: Training Module