One thing Kinark volunteers have in common is their desire to help others.

If you volunteered your time would it make a difference?

Kinark volunteers have been making a difference in the lives of the children, youth and families we serve by sharing their time, empathy, knowledge and enthusiasm.

Program Volunteers

Who are Kinark volunteers?

They are men and woman in the community of diverse ages and backgrounds.

As a volunteer you can work directly with children and families, lend your expertise on boards or committees, assist with fundraising or advocacy or provide transportation to clients. All our volunteer roles play an important part in the success of the agency and the positive outcomes with clients.

How we support our volunteers?

As a Kinark volunteer, our professional staff will provide you with:

  • training and ongoing support;
  • clinical and program support ;
  • opportunities for ongoing feedback and evaluation and
  • ideas for outings, events and activities.

Support for Volunteers includes:

  • screening costs fully reimbursed;
  • mileage for outings with clients and
  • some additional expenses are covered.

How Can I Become a Kinark Volunteer?

If you are interested in a volunteer position, please fill out the form below and a volunteer coordinator will be in contact with you.

Please note: A Kinark volunteer must:

  • participate in a personal interview to determine suitability for a volunteer position;
  • complete a vulnerable sector criminal record check;
  • complete a medical clearance;
  • participate in required training sessions and
  • sign and adhere to a confidentiality agreement.


Kinark Friend Mentor (York/Durham/Northumberland/Peterborough)

As a Friend Mentor you will provide relief for a family and mentoring for a child or teen by taking them on outings, being there to listen, having fun and offering encouragement. Our matching process considers your interests, hobbies, lifestyle and matching preferences. You will receive ongoing support from our professional staff as well as reimbursement for expenses. Spending a few hours with a child can include going to the movies, taking a hike, or shooting hoops – things you may already do. We also organize monthly activities such as games nights, weekend trips to the Kinark Outdoor Centre, baseball games and fishing outings. If you have an average of 3 hours a week that you can share with a child, please join our volunteer team. Share your talents and friendship with a youngster… become a Friend Mentor.

Children’s Group (Durham/Northumberland/Peterborough)

As a Children’s Group Volunteer you will assist staff in a children’s program that teaches positive social skills in a fun, recreational setting. The children’s groups run while their parents are in a therapeutic program. Volunteers are weekly buddies to young children, someone whom children look forward to seeing and having fun with. This is an opportunity to share your special craft and game ideas with a group of children.

Supervised Access (Northumberland/Peterborough)

As a Supervised Access Program Volunteer you will provide support to staff during supervised access visits between parents and children by assisting with arrivals and departures; helping to set-up toys; and supporting children during visits with encouragement and friendliness. The Supervised Access Program is designed to provide access for children and their parents who are experiencing high-conflict separation and divorce disputes. Supervised Access Volunteers should be available 2 to 3 times a month for 3-4 hours Friday evening and/or weekend daytime shifts. This volunteer role will be a learning experience and give you the opportunity to provide relief and support to families in crisis and conflict.

York Region Child Care Centres (York)

Volunteer in our Child Care Centres located in the Georgina area. Volunteer to support the Child Care Centre staff and children in our programs by working one on one with an individual child in a group setting or work with small groups doing daily activities.

Syl Apps Youth Centre (Halton)

The volunteer needs of the facility change based on the needs of the youth, however, the following are areas where volunteers can assist in working with the youth and staff at Syl Apps Youth Centre.

Special Visitor Volunteers –  community volunteers who are matched with an appropriate youth for one hour, once per week, spending time with them in our facility in a leisure capacity.  This includes activities such as playing board games, cards, puzzles, nail painting and assisting youth with homework. Other activities that volunteers can support, may include the following:

  • art-based programs (supporting youth to engage in art activities such as drawing, painting and other ways to express their art abilities such as poetry, theatre, spoken word);
  • chess club (teaching or playing chess with the youth);
  • craft activities (working with youth making a variety of arts & crafts);
  • cultural and spiritual volunteers (providing the youth with support, guidance, education, language and understanding of specific cultural or spiritual interest);
  • fitness or sports activities (working with youth in a recreational capacity); and
  • music activities (teaching the youth how to read music, play an instrument).

Applications for new volunteers at Syl Apps Youth Centre open in January of each year. By contacting the Syl Apps Youth Centre’s volunteer coordinator, Cindy Pestrak at cindy.pestrak@kinark.on.ca or 905-844-4110 ext. 2209, you will be provided with more details about the volunteer program, including the screening and training requirements, and commitment duration.


If you are interested in volunteering with Kinark, please email info@kinark.on.ca.