Syl Apps Youth Centre

Kinark and the Syl Apps Youth Centre (SAYC) are committed to delivering evidence-based services. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is the primary treatment at SAYC. Residents identify skill deficits that interfere with their life goals as the focus for personal skill development.

Youth are supported by an inter-disciplinary mental health team made up of a variety of disciplines, including: Child and Youth Workers, Social Workers, Native Service Workers, Nurses, Psychologists, Psychiatrist, Recreation Therapeutic Recreation staff, Art Therapists, and Educators. There are also a variety of volunteer programs that youth can participate in.

Youth who reside at the facility have access to mental health assessment and treatment. Individualized treatment plans are developed and managed through an interdisciplinary team and services are provided through individual and/or group sessions.  It is common in our youth to present with multiple mental and physical health concerns. Some areas for treatment include family and interpersonal functioning, emotional and behavioural regulation, substance misuse, healthy sexuality and high risk behaviours. Kinark and the Syl Apps Youth Centre are also committed to outcome analysis in collaboration with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

The 15 acre site and 120,000 square foot centre is funded for up to 48 youth at a time in 6 residential units. The facility has a wellness centre, therapy rooms, sacred space, a large gym, outdoor soccer/football fields, baseball diamond, auditorium, native services space, horticulture and wood shop, exercise space, and food preparation rooms.

The facility has a section 23 school operated by the Halton District School Board.