Touched By Fire 2021

***The following paintings have been SOLD: Believe; Wolf Art; The Little Red Fish Swimming in the Dark; Space Duck; Sunset Valley***


Each year, youth residing at Syl Apps Youth Centre (SAYC) create artwork for the Touched By Fire Art Show. The artwork is available for purchase with all proceeds going directly to the youth.

What is Touched By Fire?
The event provides opportunity for youth to express themselves, give back to the community, and create beautiful works of art. Touched By Fire is inspired by the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario’s public art show.

“Again this year, when the brushes were cleaned and the paints put away, I’m left with the observation that for the youth who participated in this art show; whose creativity in life has been poured into coping with overwhelming life events, Touched By Fire was a powerful venue to allow their creative energy to be explored and exposed to a more healthy purpose and direction. The artist statement, located beside each painting, is a powerful reflection of their hope, pain and resilience,” Barbara Collins, Art Therapist, SAYC.

Where does the money go?
Money received from the sale of the artwork goes directly to the artist. The youth have set the selling price for their artwork. The price is located on the artist’s statement next to the art. Your purchased work will be delivered to you mid-October when the art show closes.

How do I purchase a painting?
The opportunity to purchase a piece of art will begin at 12 noon on Wednesday, September 15, 2021.

Please email the title of the painting to barbara.collins@kinark.on.ca. Sales occur on a first come, first served basis. If there are several people interested in purchasing one piece of art, the time stamp on the email that is closest to 12 noon will be the owner of the masterpiece.

Enjoy the show and thank you for your continued support of this youth engagement project!